First Mediation at Lydecker | Diaz


It was a long time coming, but last week I was the Mediator for the firm’s very first mediation conference in our office. The mediation took all day but it ended in an agreement that both sides were happy with.

Many might not know, but I have been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Court Mediator since 2009. When done right, mediation can be an extremely challenging intellectual exercise.

My passion has always been to bring parties together to reach a common ground. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having the parties reach an agreement when all else failed before.

The goal has been to start a mediation division at Lydecker | Diaz, and I finally got that off the ground. With my heavy background on the Plaintiff’s side and the firm’s excellent reputation on the Defense side, I think this could be a real winning combination. We have wonderful facilities, a great central location, and an impeccable reputation.

If you need help with an upcoming mediation or know of a colleague that is looking to try someone new, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

My experience includes all matters in civil litigation with a very heavy emphasis on insurance law matters, including first-party property claims. You can download my Mediation Bio here.

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