Meaningful Mediation

Miami Mediator

Getting to We

Let’s make your next mediation a meaningful mediation.

The challenge is on. Instead of doing the same old, same old, why not try something new? How about “getting to we” instead of playing a zero-sum game?

Adjust Your Perspective

This is not notepad diplomacy where a mediator shuttles back and forth between rooms exchanging numbers. This is also not about a retired judge telling you how he or she would rule. By the way, that judge is not going to be in the courtroom deciding your case, another judge or a jury will be doing that.

Rather, having a meaningful mediation is all about you, the other side, and learning something new about your case. You get there with an environment and a perspective that allows you and the other side to understand each other and then work together to solve the problem.

Try Something New

If you are interested in trying something new that adds value to the mediation process as well as giving you all the room and tools to resolve your dispute, then please contact me to schedule your next mediation.

How I Can Help

I have been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator since 2009 and serve on the Executive Council for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of The Florida Bar. With Lydecker | Diaz, I lead the Mediation Practice Group with offices throughout the State of Florida. We are available to mediate most legal matters including those involving contracts, commercial law, insurance law/first-party property claims, personal injury and premises liability.

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